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Melbourne Family Farms is committed to providing quality stock.  We have selected the Berkshire and Hampshire pigs. 

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Melbourne Family Farms is a small-acreage family-business farm. We have two locations one is located in the Ouchita Mountain range at the base of Petit Jean Mountain. The other is in the Heart of the Ozark Mountains. We are raising Berkshire and Hampshire pigs. 

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Our Berkshire and Hampshire Hogs

United Nations studies formal Palestinian plea for a protectorate (Sat, 26 Jul 2014)
EXCLUSIVE: A LETTER from Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, left, is evidently intended as a further stage in the Palestinian diplomatic offensive to wrap itself as much as possible in the UN's blue-and-white flag to further isolate Israel and advance Palestinian recognition. Gaza conflict likely headed for escalation despite 12-hour cease-fire VIDEO: Israeli, Hamas forces fight despite cease-fire calls Could Israeli high-tech tackle Hamas' terror tunnels? War-weary Gazans lash out at Hamas
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'VERY REAL THREAT' GOP rejects housing illegal immigrants on US bases (Sat, 26 Jul 2014)
Krauthammer: 'Save the agony of the kids' Obama tells Central American leaders to be ready to receive deported illegal immigrants Was $642M in US aid to Central America enough? VIDEO: Obama meets with Central American leaders
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